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The British Car Club of Charleston began in 1983 with Michael Carnell and a handful of friends who enjoyed hanging out in his garage and tinkering with Brit cars.  Casual garage talk and tinkering got the guys thinking about maybe forming a Club.  So Mike asked his mother, who was an artist, to help him design a logo, and right then and there, The British Car Club of Charleston was formed.

Through the years the Club has steadily grown to about 225 members, including many women, who own, drive and show their Brit Beauties.  We’re a group of enthusiasts, dedicated to the preservation of British cars, many of which are no longer in production and are too quickly becoming extinct.

We are a fun loving group whose well attended monthly meetings which gives us an opportunity to catch up with friends, talk about what events we’ve been to or are planning to attend or to chat about adventures we’ve had with our cars.  We also hold a monthly Brit Motorcar Morning (second Saturday of the month from 9 till 11 at Mt. Pleasant Waterfront Park) which is open to all Brit car enthusiasts.  This provides another opportunity for folks to meet up, talk shop, ask questions, provide answers where we can for those with questions about cars, get to know each other better, and in general, enjoy the camaraderie for which Brit car folks are known.

We are also a civic minded group who appreciates the immense local support for our events and our Annual British Car Day for which the proceeds are donated to help support the Garrett Academy Auto body class, a very worthy cause.

Some members are technical experts, some are aficionados, some are fanatics, and some of us just plain have fun driving our little sports cars, attending great events with friends and welcoming new members.

Cars owned by various members include: Austin Healey, Austin Mini, Bentley, Cobra, Jaguar, Jensen, London Taxi, Lotus, Land Rover, MG, Morgan, Rolls Royce, Sunbeam, and Triumph.

We welcome your interest in our Club and invite you to attend our monthly meeting or meet up with us at our Brit Motorcar Morning. You can find more information about the Club and our events on this site.
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