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Cotton Gin Run and Fly-In

Valentine's Cotton GinThe Cotton Run on the 15th was a lot of fun. The club went up picturesque Hwy 61 to Cope and had a grand tour of the Valentine’s Cotton Gin, along with a great visit to the general store, where we were treated to 5 cent Cokes and a lot of history. Lunch at Miller’s Breadbasket was a treat with Miller regaling us with his vision of building a 2/3 replica of Noah’s Ark.

The next day the Club attended the South Carolina Breakfast Club Fly-In at Mt. Pleasant Regional. It was a brisk day and rainy so not as many aircraft as usual but several nice ones including an intrepid pilot of this Stearman. Notice the open cockpit, a real flyer, indeed. We had a great breakfast and listened to the meeting, plenty of laughs from the flying Club’s president Gerald’s welcome. It’s always a fun morning at the Fly-In. Special thanks to Gordon Hill and Paul Palmer for starting this tradition.
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Konig Beer and restoring an MGA

Estée Lauder Commercial with Grace Elizabeth and 1958 MGA Roadster

Commercials from Posten. The film is about how Posten delivers what people want, the way they want it delivered and is based on the fact that we humans always walk around waiting for something.(translated from Norwegian)


TAG Heuer with Patrick Dempsey

The One That Almost Got Away | A Hagerty UK Christmas Short Film

Elvis Presley - Almost Always True

Akon - Right Now (Na Na Na) [Official Video]

Magik Markers - Taste

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7 minutes of MGA racing