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The Clubs 1975 MGB
Several years ago, BCCC provided Garrett Academy with a 1975 MGB that they could use in their classes.  At the time it was a running vehicle.  It needed body work including new floor panels.  The car was dissassembed by the students and the body work was done.  The car was primed as well.  Then Garrett Academy closed. 

Have you been dreaming of buying a little British car and restoring it? But you don't have the expertise, area to do the restoration or the money to have the car restored.  Well here is your chance.  BCCC is looking to sell this 1975 MGB.  The deal is the buyer will buy new parts as needed but the club will help you put the car back together.  The work can be done at the Rosato residence, either in the carport where it is living now, or in the garage with the lift as needed.  Painting will be done using a paint booth provided by Dennis Wunsch and Richie Hartley.  So the only cost encurred is the cost of parts.  If the parts are purchased new, this can be from $6,000 to $8,000. 
We have three sources who are willing to donate parts for free.  This could possible reduce the cost to only $779.  When the car is done it should be worth more than $10,000.  Note that the cost list below is based on buying all new parts. Several club members have offered needed used parts including Susanne and Wray Lemke and Darryl Beech, Charleston Import Automotive .

The car has been moved to Dave Rosato's house.  The car has new floors and the rest of the body is solid.  There is minor filling and sanding that needs to be done on the body prior to painting.  The engine turns easily.

I will be updating this page so keep checking back.
The windshield has a significant hole so needs to be replaced.
The engine has a single sidedraft Weber carburetor.
A door panel is missing.  The seats have tears. The box is a new soft top.
All the tires need to be replaced as they have dry rot.  The chrome trim may need to be replaced.
The steering wheel is missing.
Parts needed

Finish bodywork

Check out engine

Check out brakes

Check out clutch/master/slave

Strip wheels and paint

Paint soft top frame and install new top

Clean rusty seat frames and paint

Clean engine compartment

Check out all electrics

Replace the windshield

Put new glass in doors, install vent windows, panels

Check out the fuel tank

Rebuild carb?

Paint the car

Front end alignment

Seal new floor panels under the car

Things to do
Pictures of the underside are here.

5 tires




Windshield rubber seal


 Side lights


Tail lights


Door, all panels




 Glass for both doors


Steering wheel/wood


 4 wheel center caps


 1 door handle




Trunk/door locks


Trunk latch


 Hood badge






 Carb filter box


 Door rubber seals


 Ignition lock/keys


Fuel pump, solid state


 Radio and speakers


 Hoses under the hood


 Front suspension bushings


 Rear axle straps


 Metal bumper conversion kit


pre '75 grill


Side trim


Seat covering






Other stuff


Note * These items may be donated from one of three sources we have. This results in an investment of only $779.

Note ** These items are if you want to convert the car to metal bumpers. Additional investment of $1,630.