Axle straps needed
New bushings needed
Front valence needs work
Front suspension seems tight but needs a front end alignment, not sure why.
One of those cheap fuel pumps that clicks all the time.
The workmanship on the new floor boards was really dissappointing.  It looks like some were welded from the top side and others were riveted. In either case, there is a huge gap that will catch dirt and rain and rust out really fast. The frame metal needs to be pounded closer to the floor panels and a seal sealer applied.  There is a seam sealer on the inside of the car, see below.
I put the car on a lift and took pictures of the underside

All in all, the underside looks pretty good.  No signs of frame rot or leaking brakes or clutch. Nuts and bolts look like they can be removed easily.  When I rotate the drive shaft, there seems to be excess play in the rear end.