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Friday Drive

On Friday morning at 11am, we will meet at the McLeod Plantation pavilion parking lot.  We will take Maybank Hwy to River Road. We'll then take a right at the end onto Bohicket Road. We'll then take a left back onto Maybank Hwy to Charleston Tea Garden.  Don't worry, there will be a BCCC member leading the caravan.
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At Charleston Tea Garden you can enjoy the gift shop or take a tour of America's only tea factory.  You'll learn all about how tea is made.  We designed our tea production building with a glassed in, air conditioned gallery that runs down virtually the entire length of the facility.  As you walk along the gallery, you will be looking out onto our factory floor at all the equipment it takes to make tea.  Three large TV screens will introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Bigelow as well as explain in great detail each and every teamaking process.  There is no charge for the tour.
For those going to the British Tea, we will leave at 12:30.  Others can opt to take a trolley ride.  The trolley ride takes about 35-40 minutes and you'll get to see their many acres and acres of tea bushes.  You'll learn more about tea both from their trolley guide as well as the founder, Bill Hall, who narrates a portion of the tour over the bus sound system. The trolley also makes a stop at the greenhouse where everyone departs the trolley and gets to see up close and personal just what it takes to bring new tea bushes into the world.  This trip is a once in a lifetime experience. 

The trolly ride costs $13.65 per person and there is a maximum of 42 people, so sign up early.