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The 50/50 Winner
Samantha Hartley - and yes, the person selling them too.
Second Place - Peter Steele
First Place - Renee Jamison
Second Place - Lewis Hay
First Place - Mike Sanzari
Second Place - Hoyt Wood
First Place - Phil Odom
Second Place - Tony Girlardo
Best of Show
Car  22 Natalie Bluestein  1953 Jaguar XK120
Longest Distance Award
Grace Sullivan
Drove her MGB from
Ft Lauderdale, FL
Best Presentation
Alex Toline with his Halloween theme
First Place - Dr Bob Brooks
Second Place - John Nuss
First Place - Lowell Wakker
Founders' Choice Award - Millie Horton
The founders' choice award is given each year to the person, people, organization or other entity that best exemplifies the original guiding principles of The British Car Club of Charleston. Those principles, boiled down to the 3-Cs, are Cars, Camaraderie, and Community. The award has been giving annually since 2016. The recipient is selected by the founders
Second Place - Alex Toline
Second Place - Brett Sortor
First Place - Susan Lemke
First and Second Place - Richie, Michelle, Samantha Hartley
Second Place - Irene Breland
First Place - Wray Lemke
First Place - Robert Morey
First Place - Dennis Wunsch
First Place - John Scott
Second Place - Tom Moschel
First Place - Gary Brown & Bette Cooper
Second Place - Louis Tripician
First Place - Dave Bulfin
First Place - David & Patricia Reilly 
Second Place - Bill Tucker
First and Second Place - Otis Engelman
Second Place - Stancy Bender
First Place - Timothy Melton
First Place - Johnny Shumate 
First Place - PJ Kuyper
Second Place - Kirk Crawford
First Place - Troy Thames
Second Place - Mike Green 
Second Place - Mike Eckhart 
Second Place - Howard Cohen
Second Place - Eric Gibeaut
First Place - Richard Fritz 
First Place - Andrew Beall
Second Place - Michael Gilmartin
First Place - David Plesich
Second Place - John Holbrook
First Place - Eric Peabody
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British Car Day 2021 winners