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Blue Ridge Mountains Drive
5 days, 4 nights
September 29th to October 3rd
We have 12 cars, 23 people!

We will have beautiful drives through the Blue Ridge Mountains.  These are the kind of roads our LBC's were designed for! 

I will be driving my MGA, 77hp.  This drive will not be a race.  I like driving briskly, not fast.  We will stop at overlooks, water falls and anything else that looks appealing.  We will use the club walkie-talkies to keep in touch with each other.

Email me directly at Dave@BritishCarClubCharleston.com if you have any questions.
Here is a summary of last falls driveAnd here is a link of photos of the drive.
Drive to Little Switzerland via The Blue Ridge Parkway returning on the Diamondback

Lunch will be on the terrace at Little Switzerland Inn.




 Time/distance for the day


Sept 29

 Total Wine & More to Mill Spring, NC

Emberglow Outdoor Resort 

We will stop in Saluda, SC for lunch and gas

 Leave at 9am

 5 hours, 24 min, 255 miles


Italian dinner at La Strada in Lake Lure


La Strada menus



Sept 30

 Drive to Little Switzerland, includes The Diamondback, shown below

 1 hour 15 minutes,

53 miles

 3 hours, 40 minutes, 138 miles

Leave at 9:30am


Lunch at Little Switzerland Inn with a Porsche Targa group


90 miles back



Dinner at the Lake House Bar & Grill


Dinner on the waterfront


Oct 1

Drive around Lake Lure (see below)

Have breakfast at Victory Kitchen at 7:15am

 20 minutes

Leave around 7am

 Opening restaurant early for us


Drive to Point Lookout Vineyards, Grandad's Apples and Parker-Binns Vineyard (they do have beer)


Dinner at Parker-Binns at 5pm

116 miles


Oct 2

 Drive through Pisgah Forest along the Blue Ridge Parkway

 3 hours 20 minutes driving, 122 miles

 Box picnic lunch


 Drive back to Emberglow through Chimney Rock




Oct 3

Mill Spring, NC to Charleston


5 hours, 30 min, 260 miles

The times assume taking back roads, even to and from Charleston.  If The times assume taking we took Route 26, to and from Charleston, the drive would be about 4 hours, not 5.5.  Most of Rt 26 is 70mph which is pushing my little A, but it can be done.  So this is an option.
Parker-Binn Vineyard, wine and dinner
Point Lookout Vineyards
Early morning breakfast at Victory Kitchen, Souther Williams Vineyard, Grandad's Apples, Point Lookout Vineyards then wine and dinner at Parker-Binns Vineyard.

We'll snake along the right side of Lake Lure. It is full of winding tree covered roads and mountain hills. We'll then have breakfast at Victory Kitchen. If it is open, we can check out Wormy's Last Call. 

We'll meander our way to Souther Williams. It is apple season so we will stop in at Grandad's Apples next. They have the best apple cider donuts.  We'll then go to Point Lookout winery with great wines and fantastic views.
Right down from Wormy's was a British Panther

Drive through Lake Lure, Chimney Rock, Bat Cave towards Asheville to the Blue Ridge Parkway. We will bring a box lunch and have them at either Buck Springs Gap Overlook, the picnic grounds a quarter mile after or Pink Beds Picnic Area. The picnic grounds has tables and flush toilets.  We'll return through Chimney Rock where we can stop and walk through the town if we want.

Google maps link
Google maps link  https://goo.gl/maps/hzrEyqK6ZQHiU9iu6

Google Maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/JG4ec9tPpDmtgvVg7
The store at Emberglow has minimal supplies. I recommend bringing breakfast and snack foods.
Victory Kitchen for breakfast
Grandad's Apples
Meet at Total Wine & More in West Ashley at 9am
Dinner at La Strada Italian restaurant at 6pm

Total Wine & More
1820 Ashley River Rd, Charleston, SC

Souther Williams Vineyards
La Strada Italian Restaurant overlooking Lake Lure
Picnic grounds just after Buck Springs Gap Overlook