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Email me directly at Dave@BritishCarClubCharleston.com or use the form below to let me know if you are interested.  We need to make reservations soon so contact me ASAP.
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Fall 2022 Blue Ridge Mountains Drive

A beautiful drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains.  These are the kind of roads our LBC's were designed for!  You don't have to drive your LBC or even a car (motorcycles are fine).
All driving will be on back roads, no highways.  All vehicles (British, German, C8 Corvettes, motorcycles…) are allowed.  The minimum is fours days/three nights.  Rest days may be added, like after day 1.  We are thinking September or very early October time frame.  This time we will stay at Emberglow and do day trips from there. 

If you are interested, please let me know.  Email me directly at Dave@BritishCarClubCharleston.com or use the form below.  We need to make reservations soon so contact me ASAP.  Please suggest alternate routes (no highways), accommodations or anything else.
If roads that look like this appeal to you, this drive is for you.  I will be driving my MGA, 77hp.  This drive will not be a race.  I like driving briskly, not fast.  We will stop at overlooks, water falls and anything else that looks appealing.  We will use the club walkie-talkies to keep in touch with each other.




 Time/distance for the day

 Day 1

 Charleston to Mill Spring, NC

Emberglow Outdoor Resort 


 5 hours, 30 min, 260 miles


 Drive to Little Switzerland, includes The Diamondback, shown above

1 hour 15 minutes each way, 53 miles

 2 hours, 30 minutes, 110 miles


Visit wineries












Mill Spring, NC to Charleston


5 hours, 30 min, 260 miles



Total miles



The current plan has us staying at Emberglow Outdoor Resort. 

Emberglow Outdoors Resort has Yurts, Tiny homes, Vintage Airstreams, tree houses and Pods. ($110 to $185/night)
The times assume taking back roads, even to and from Charleston.  If we took Route 26, to and from Charleston, the drive would be about 4 hours, not 5.5.  Most of Rt 26 is 70mph which is pushing my little A, but it can be done.  So this is an option.
Visit wineries

The map to the right shows 12 excellent wineries all within 45 minutes of Emberglow.

Our favorites are Point Lookout Vineyards and Parker-Binn Vineyard. Emberglow is just to the right of Lake Lure.
Visit Breweries

The map to the right shows a small representation of the breweries in the area.  Most are in and around Asheville, which is about 50 minutes from Emberglow.
Visit waterfalls

The top map to the right shows waterfalls within 45 minutes of Emberglow.
The waterfalls shown to the right are about an hour and a half drive from Emberglow.
Other possibilities
Boating tour of Lake Lure, where Dirty Dancing was filmed.

Go up Chimney Rock

Rent a pontoon boat for the day ($700/day)
Parker-Binn Vineyard
Point Lookout Vineyards
Visit apple orchards

All of these apple orchards are within 30 miles of Emberglow. September and October is apple season. We could pick apples or enjoy some hot cider.

Grandad's Apples has the best Aple Cider donuts! Bold Rock in Mills River has great hard ciders.