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Converting your LBC to LED lights
One problem with the older British cars are their very small tail lights. Driving your LBC at night, especially in the rain, can be dangerous as it is difficult to see the car. LED lights have become standard equipment on new cars. The advantage of LED lights is that they are far brighter, the colors can be defined and they draw far less current.

In most cases, upgrading is nothing more than buying the appropriate LED bulb and replacing it. They have the exact same sockets and connectors. If you do change the directional lights then the flasher unit will also need to be replaced with an electronic one. Convectional flashers require a certain amount of current to be passed to work. This is why they don't work with LED bulbs. In most cases, you can buy an electronic flasher in the same packaging as your current flasher so it retains the authentic look under the hood. In the conversion kit for my MGA, the front bulb was white for the driving lights and yellow for the directional.

I will be having a Tech Session to discuss the conversion to LEDs. I will also discuss adding a third brake light. If there is interest then maybe the club will buy bulbs in bulk and have an LED conversion Tech Session. Please contact me, Dave Rosato, if you are interested.
This is a replacement three-connector electronic flasher
The electronic flasher below can be used for a single directional dash light or one for left and one for right.
Dash directional indicator