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 Peter and Annie Steele  Annie and I got to know Glenn thru the BCCC when we joined with our Bugeye Sprite. Glenn, a long-time Bugeye owner, quickly welcomed us in. And he warned us to let him know when his never-ending stream of Bugeye minutia was getting irritating! Glenn would periodically organize "ice cream runs" -- wonderful drives across Johns Island in our LBCs for a hot dog lunch at the soda fountain in Kiawah's Freshfield drug store -- that somehow never seemed to involve ice cream. He always spearheaded the Club's participation in the annual St Patty's Day parade, and he proudly drove his Bugeye -- air horn in frequent use -- in the Mt Pleasant Christmas parade. Annie always appreciated how he welcomed her as an equal -- something not always seen in our male-dominated hobby. Glenn was a good man and a good friend. We will miss him greatly.
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Glenn Surrette passed away on April 18th from COVID-19. 

Glenn has touched the lives of all of us in so many ways.


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