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The club is looking for your help.  Suggest an event for the BCCC then stay involved by planning and coordinating it.  Don't worry, if you need support, others are here to help.  To get started, please fill out the form below.  When completed, hit the Submit button at the bottom.  It will automatically be sent to the club Board of Directors for approval.  Once approved, you will be notified.

See below the form for things to consider when planning an event.
Things to consider when planning an event

Do you want a
BCCC web page for the event?

     It could have details of the event and a map like this one.

     The map could show the beginning meeting spot or the destination, or could show the route like this one.

     Or if you want to know who plans to attend, it could have an RSVP form like this one.  The results of the
     form get sent to you.

     Email as many details of the event as you can with exact text you would like on the page to
     the Webmaster, Dave Rosato.  Dave will do the rest.

     If your event spans many hours then you may want to schedule a breakfast or lunch stop.  In this case you will
     want to get a head count with the web form.  Make sure you get reservations.

Email announcements
     Contact Dave to schedule an email announcement.  Send him the text you would like in the email. 
     If there is a web page, include a link to it. 

     If you would like some graphics and you don't have the capabilities to create one, contact Dave Rosato, he can help. 
     Here is an example.

Club finances
     If you would like the club to pay for part of the expenses, like maybe entrance fee to a park, contact one of the
     board members to get it approved.  (Dave, Bob)

Club material
     If you want to use the club banner, tent, tables or any other club material, contact one of the board members
     to get it approved.  (Dave, Bob)