Mt. Pleasant Christmas Parade
Sunday December 11th
As usual, Susanne and Wray have offered Mt Pleasant Radio as the meeting place and where to decorate our cars.
Please RSVP to Wray Lemke if you plan to participate.
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Wray and Susanne will host their annual Mt. Pleasant Christmas Parade meeting on Sunday, December 11th. All BCCC members are welcome to come and drive their cars in the parade. There will be no pre-parade dinner this year. We will meet at 450 W. Coleman starting around 3:00pm. If you don't want to be in the parade but want a grand place to watch, feel free to come and park here. The entire parade will pass by the shop. Coleman Blvd opens very quickly after the parade so you can be among the first to leave the parade area.
Since this is an evening parade all cars must have lights on them, the more the better; the Town says you can't have too many lights. If you have been to this parade in the past you know the drill. If you haven't been in the parade then it would be best to obtain and test your lights and power source this early. It can be a bit traumatic to show up having problems with the lights. We can fix most issues here but nothing beats having your lights tested and ready. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call me. Rigging car with Christmas lights is easy.
I use a small inverter to run our lights, it puts out about 150 watts, which is more than enough. There are also a lot of battery-powered choices available at the ACE or craft stores. I use magnets to attach them to my cars but any method will do, including tape and suction cups. Feel free to use any other decorations on your car, your imagination is the only limit. Please note that no one in the parade can dress up like Santa. The Town insists that the only Santa be the one in the Fire Truck. You can wear anything that pleases you but just not a complete Santa costume.
We will leave the shop no later than 4:30 and drive to the parade line-up position. The parade starts at 5:30.  For more details, go here.
This event is always a lot of fun and everyone has a great time. It's really cool to be part of a parade and the BCCC has won prizes for our entry in the past.
Please do join us for a great way to start the Christmas season.
Wray and Susanne