Imagine taking a single photo with 195 billion pixels.  Most of todays cameras are 10-20 million pixels.  The top movie below shows navigating a single photo of Shanghai that has 195 billion pixels.  I did a video screen capture as I zoomed in at a tall building far off in the distance.  I keep zooming in until you see pretty clearly two guys with hard hats near the top of the building.  I zoom all the way out just to show how incredible the photo is.  You can scan over the entire photo and see everything to this detail. This link will take you to the Shanghai photo.  Take the challenge at the bottom of this page.


Where you see the arrows in the sky, like the one shown to the right, you can click on it and you'll be taken to a different photo.  The different photos range from 30 billion to 195 billion pixels. 


In the second video below I saw a speck in the sky so I zoomed in on it.  It was a jet coming in for a landing.  I then zoom in on workers on the top of a building being built.


You can go to different cities across the globe as well as several beaches.  Have fun!

When you zoom in on people in the photos, you soon realize how we are attached to our phones.  Here is a group taking a selfie and a woman caught jumping for a photo on a beach in Patong.

Big Pixel

by Dave Rosato

Here is your challenge, in the Shanghai photo, the link is above, what are these guys taking pictures of?  The first person who emails me with the answer gets a free breakfast at the next Saturday morning Monthly Meeting.

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