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Through hole just above chrome on drivers front fender
Crack in drivers door just in front of the mirror
Passenger side floor and door jam
Car was rust proofed with Rusty Jones, hense the red plugs
Hood looks like it was repainted very badly.
Surface rust on the frame
Rocker panels look good
The back of the right front headlight bucket
The back of the left front headlight bucket.  You can see the through hole.
Left front quarter panel where the through hole is.  Lokks like bad body work had been done.
Nice spare tire
1980 MGB LE

A person in Bluffton contacted me to see if there was someone in the club interested in restoring her MGB.  She bought the car new.  It is a 1980 MGB LE.  She was willing to donate the car to that person.  I suggested that maybe the club could restore the car, sell it and donate the proceeds (after expenses) to Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary.  She was ecstatic about that idea.  Lynn and I went down to take a look at the car.


The car needs a lot of work.  The club has the option to take on the project and restore and sell it or give it to someone who wants to restore it themselves.  For the club to restore it, we would need a commitment from a bunch of members who are willing to help. This is a long term project, like a year.  The work would be done in my garage/carport.  If there is not enough interest then we will find an individual who would like to take it on for themselves.  So please provide feedback.


The pros:



The cons:



A 1980 MGB LE in good running shape sells for $12,000+.  The engine is a big unknown.  It is easy to pull the head, that would tell a lot.


What needs to be done.

Below are a bunch of pictures of the car.  If you want to see the full size pictures, just click on them.  Hit the browser Back button to get back to the pictures.